Hustle & Heart

Small Group Training

SOF’s specialty is Small Group Training. Small group training (limited to 10 people or less per group) provides you with personal attention similar to personal training but at a more affordable price. Small Group Training Sessions are essentially a compromise to Personal Training. You get the best of both worlds at an affordable price!

Personal Training

If you prefer to work one on one with a trainer, then personal training is the best option for you. When you work one on one with a certified personal trainer, you get the trainer’s undivided attention. In addition, your trainer will formulate a custom workout routine that fits your individual goals and needs. You will have access to your trainer through our exclusive Fitfix app, as well as email, text messages, and phone calls.

What Makes Us Different!

  • We treat you like family! At Survival of the Fittest, you are never alone in your journey towards greater health and wellness. The SOF Fitness Family works together to achieve maximum results in all aspects of your health and wellness. We understand how hard it is to stick to the program at times and that’s why we actively encourage, inspire, and motivate each other.
  • We limit our class and session sizes! Have you ever felt lost in the crowd at a gym? Limiting the class sizes allows us to properly monitor our clients as well as give them the attention they deserve. We make sure you are doing things safely and effectively and we will correct your form when needed. We will know your name and your story.
  • Everything we do is rooted in scientific research! In an industry dominated by bad techniques and programming we set ourselves apart by using scientific principles as our cornerstone. It’s all about the science baby!
  • We Lift Weights! Although we incorporate various exercise disciplines into our program, we include real weight training with everything that we do. Why, you may ask? Scientific research clearly shows that without a doubt weight training is by far the most effective way build muscle and burn fat, which ultimately transform the body as quickly as possible. If you’re new to the gym or it’s been a while, please don’t worry, all fitness levels are welcome.
  • We Guarantee Results! Our program is rooted in scientific principles and we are confident that you will get results if you apply yourself and follow our plan. We Guarantee Results or we will give you your money back and that’s a promise!