Sets, reps, weight and rest time…

How many reps and sets should I do? How much weight should I use? How long should I rest inbetween sets? As a trainer these are all questions I get asked quite often. I am always amazed at how many people join the gym and start training without clearly defining their goals and researching how […]

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect Sometimes beginning the journey to greater health and wellness can be a bit overwhelming. We compare what we see in the mirror to where we want to be and immediately begin to feel discouraged before we even start. It may seem like it’s impossible to achieve your fitness goals but I assure […]

Should You Use Free Weights or Machines?

Should You Use Free Weights or Machines? As a trainer I get asked this question very often and my answer is always the same; “it depends on what your goals are”. The short answer is that in most cases using both free weights and machines is ideal. By the way this is a hotly contested […]

Should You Be Taking Supplements?

Should You Be Taking Supplements? One of the question I get asked most often is: “Should I be taking Supplements”? With all of the conflicting information out there about nutrition and supplementation from so-called experts and Gurus, it’s hard to know what do and who to believe these these days. Unfortunately, more often than not […]