Joining a gym? Read this first!

How to choose the right gym to get results and have fun in 2020   It’s no secret that every January millions of Americans set New Year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight. That’s why, right now, all the gyms are fighting for your attention and, ultimately, your money. You’re probably already seeing gyms […]

Don’t Be That Person — The Entrepreneur’s Manual To Genuine Networking

Don’t Be That Person — The Entrepreneur’s Manual To Genuine Networking The latest in a new series about ethics, etiquette and heart By James A O’Rourke   Editor’s Note: This networking edition is the first in a new series called, “Don’t Be That Person,” which aims to inspire us all to be better humans, working […]


IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH IN JUST 31 DAYS?   The short answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!   Let me start off by saying I wrote this blog knowing that the majority of people who started reading this blog would not finish it let alone actually utilize the information contained within it. Frustrating […]

Gone too soon at 37…

With tears rolling down my cheek, I held her hand until her last breath. It was the most painful yet profound moment of my life. There I sat by her side in that lonely hospice in the middle of nowhere in Florida, knowing my mother’s death came too soon. She was only 37. She brought […]

The SOF Plateau Breaker Diet

If you’ve been on a diet and stopped losing weight for more than 2 weeks then this is the diet for you! There is nothing more frustrating then putting in the work and not seeing results. Stored fat is your body’s last line of defense so to speak. In the event you don’t have access […]

The SOF 31 Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan

The SOF 31-Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan Understanding Your Weight Loss Plan The Science: Slow Vs. Rapid Weight Loss It should first be mentioned that losing weight slowly, over a long period of time, is typically ideal for sustainable weight loss. If you lose weight slowly, research shows you have a greater chance of keeping […]

Don’t buy into the dieting trends hype… just keep it simple!

Macros, Keto, Paleo, Flexible Dieting, Whole 30, South Beach, Zone, Vegan, Atkins, Raw Food, Mediterranean and the list goes on and on…   It’s a new year and I know many of you are looking to lose weight and or body fat but you aren’t exactly sure how to do it. With so many different […]

7 Science Backed Motivation Tips

As we kick off another week this Monday, I wanted to talk a little bit about motivation. So how is your day going so far? Are you well rested, in a good mood and fully motivated to conquer the world? Or maybe you’re tired and dreading yet another long week ahead? It’s never ideal to […]

Let’s Have an Honest Conversation About What the Health

In this day and age, with so much conflicting information and differences of opinions it’s hard to know what sources we can trust. To make matters worse, we have individuals and organizations with agendas that intentionally mislead people. Trying to figure out what’s true and what isn’t can be a very frustrating process, especially when […]

How Much Protein Do You Need?

A question I get asked a lot is “How much protein do I need”? It’s a subject often debated in the nutrition world. Here’s my two cents… After many years of research and experience I have come to the conclusion that although each individual’s needs may vary typically we need about 1 gram per pound […]