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"Mine is a common story... I'm in my fifties looking at myself in the mirror one day noticing the "ripple effect". Unfortunately, it's not muscle definition but something youth can't help hide anymore. I know what I need to do but where to go? A gym can be a very intimidating place. I don't want my "ripple effect" to be noticed and hence judged (cause you just KNOW everyone is looking, right?). I realize that some of this is my own insecurity but, dang it, at my age I've earned it!

Enter James and Survival of the Fittest. I know the name might sound like you're going to be put through a special warfare obstacle course until you beg for mercy but I can assure you that is not the case. Without thundering in my ear like a drill sergeant, James has helped transform my body from shaking' it to makin' it! I've been training with James since April of this year and I'm stronger, leaner, and rippling in all the right places for all the right reasons. He has created a personal workout regimen that I enjoy and encouraged me every step of the way.

James is honest and direct. I think most of us appreciate those qualities. I know I do. All he asks for is consistency and a willingness to try. His clients mean a lot to him and I know we are all very proud to call him friend. The gym itself is very intimate and the people that go there are salt of the earth. It's a safe, supportive, and motivational environment which I find very refreshing. James has created a team environment with his small group classes and I'm personally looking forward to the local Fall/Winter trail hikes.

So if you're like me who felt fifty, flabby, and flabbergasted, I would highly recommend training with the fabulous James and his trainers!
Kelly D
Kelly D.
"I don't have anything negative to say about James and his team. My experience with SOF has been a pleasant surprise! This summer I went through a few life changes. I needed to find a new fitness home that would nurture me, not just physically. SOF has been that.

1. Amazing promotions with no secret charges...I hate deceit!

2. Actual weight loss and improvement in my fitness level!

3. Extremely knowledgeable trainers that actually care about you!

4. James (The Owner) gave me a thorough guideline book, with realistic sample menus and goals. I have ADHD so this girl needs easy to follow instructions...no ambiguity!

5. I love the family environment! I am inspired by the people that show up and show out daily. More than anything, SOF is inclusive. No fitness cult-like feel. I have been to other places and I've been terribly disappointed by the robotic sales pitch and members that act like they're paid reviewers. I have brought a few family members and they all love the center and trainers. I homeschool my teen so this turned out to also be the best place for us to get a workout in to start our day!

The fitness Instructors all have different backgrounds but are united in their mission to help people improve their health and fitness! I love that I am going to always get a full workout but with different fitness styles and techniques! The variety really leaves no room for boredom and plateauing."
Syreeta B.
"James is exceptional. Not just as a trainer, but as a human. He was one of Soroptimist of Valencia's Gentlemen in this past year's Gentlemen For A Cause charity event. He graciously donated his services to the cause to raise money to help better the lives of women in SCV. I was the lucky high bidder in the auction.

I was nervous and very intimidated at the thought of working with a personal trainer. I was very impressed that a couple weeks after the event, he tracked me down because he truly wanted to help me reach my fitness goals. He could have donated the services and waited to see if I ever redeemed them but he followed up with me first. He truly cares about helping people.

I've now been going to SOF for almost 6 months. It was the best investment I've made in myself. There are a lot of gyms in the SCV to choose from, but here's what keeps me coming back…

1. Accountability - the trainers want you to succeed and they know that only happens if you show up!

2. Nutrition Support - if you choose, you can join the diet support group. James has put a lot of thought and effort into creating a plan to help you focus on eating healthy. There's a ton of accountability his group. It keeps me on track and makes me want to make better choices.

3. A Sense of Family - the other members really make new people feel welcomed in the group classes. We are all at different fitness levels, but at SOF it's not a competition and you quickly feel the camaraderie. Everyone encourages each other to keep digging deep.

4. Achievable Workouts - Being a person who hadn't worked out in years, I was completely unsure if I could even do any of the workouts. They start you out slow and build you up. It's not a drill sergeant yelling at you, but a coach coaxing you into doing something you don't think you can. In the 6 months, I've built up muscle and can do the exercises I couldn't even imagine doing the first time I tried.

You're reading this for a reason, take the leap of faith with James and his team and you'll be surprised how much you can achieve in a few months! If you need to lose weight and get fit but your nervous about joining a gym then SOF is the pace for you!"
Stephanie B.
"I cannot say enough about this gym. I have been to other gyms out in the SCV, all of them have been over priced, over crowded and the trainers could care less whether I came to workout or not. James and his trainers are dedicated to their clients. They hold you accountable to your goals and they do whatever they can to make sure they you are successful. You won’t find a gym with better customer service because at SOF they truly care about you. I love the smaller classes because the trainers are able to pay attention to you and give you feedback. You won’t feel lost in the crowd at SOF. James, Howard, Carol, Ariel and Coach Shaka are all awesome... so awesome that after trying their 31 day challenge, I signed up and paid for the whole year! Seriously if you're looking for the best fitness program in town then I highly recommend checking SOF out. If you are looking to lose weight and get in shape, SOF is the place to go!"
"James O'Rourke is a true professional with an unmatched knowledge in fitness, nutrition, and sports supplementation. I know that James' techniques work because I have personally worked with him and hired him as my personal trainer for a 5 month term. James excelled beyond my expectations, and largely due to him, at 41 years old I am still in the greatest shape of my life. In an interesting turn of events, I eventually became a trainer myself and I now own and run SY Performance. I specialize in working with high profile clients. As a fitness trainer myself, I still incorporate techniques I learned from him with my own clients today. I cannot speak highly enough about this company and it's amazing owner James O'Rourke ."
Scott Y.
Owner of SY Performance & Celebrity Trainer
"I am a group NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and a fitness enthusiast. I was in good shape before I started training with James, but once I did, I saw changes in my body I wasn't achieving on my own. Training with SOF pushes me past my comfort zone. If you are looking for a change in your body and not getting in a traditional gym, I highly recommend training with James at SOF."
Candace H.
NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
"James is very knowledgeable about health and fitness and creates a plan that fits every individual's needs. When I started with James I thought I was already physically fit but he has shown me better techniques and training that is taking me to a totally different level. The best of all James cares about his clients and holds them accountable through nutrition plan, diets, I love my training and highly recommend James and SOF."
Rima R.
Keller Williams Real Estate Broker, Ranked #6 Top-Selling Realtor In the Nation
"I have been working with James and SOF for a few months now and It has been one of the most unique and effective workout experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Previous to this I have tried the traditional gyms: 24 hour, Golds, etc I have also tried CrossFit for a few months. I can honestly say SOF is the home that I was looking for. James's brings a wealth of knowledge to the table not to mention the care and detail he brings to his personal training clients and his boot camp classes. What I like most other than seeing immediate results and having a highly supportive environment is that I am being pushed to work hard without getting overworked. He truly understands the concept of balance as it relates to wellness."
Michael M.
World Renowned Professional Speaker & Change Realization Consultant

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